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The three characteristics of a good elevator shoes

Le 10 September 2014, 09:16 dans DIY 0

First:High grade
All styles of shoes increased by Seiko produced in calfskin, with wear-resistant soles, increase high-level ultra-light material, comfortable to wear, with a few thousand dollars of high-end designer shoes considerable quality, all models are the latest Italian fashion design system, trendy handsome, suitable for all kinds of occasions, highlighting the extraordinary taste!dfxenv1vs

Second:High comfort
The human foot is called the "second heart", the shoe is the umbrella of the foot, so the choice of shoes is very important.Unlike other brands of tall mens shoes , it specifically uses the German shoe technology combines machine and hand pressure, pressing at the seamless bonding, coupled with a high-quality and flexible material, so comfortable, long walk easily tired, to the greatest degree of prevention of bone strain.

Third:Increased stealth
The most prominent feature is dominated by high internal growth increased rate, there is no difference with the general appearance of the shoes, the normal 2-3 cm heel, plus 4-7 cm high growth, and instantly 6-10 cm tall , convenient, safe and without side effects, so you also will redouble increased self-confidence!

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What kind of elevator shoes?

Le 1 September 2014, 09:47 dans DIY 0

What kind of elevator shoes?
Currently, there are two types of invisible elevator shoes on the market

First, Function elevator shoes

It is said function elevator shoes are developed by magnetic medicine, magnetic therapy,  traditional meridians and biological holographic theory combining traditional Chinese medicine theory , which can promote bone growth rapidly . According to reports, this type of elevator shoes are mainly suitable for 8-24 year-old people .The functionality height increasing shoes can speed bone growth and can extend the bones closing time, but not many examples shows their effect, and check the Internet ,almost 80% people say no effect or to be examined, so if the customer want to purchase so-called functional elevator shoes , you should think twice before you buy.

Also known as "invisible elevator shoes" or "invisible in elevator shoes.".The principle of invisible elevator shoes is that using a special pressure proof , breathable material made a increased pad on specially designed shoes, which play a higher effect. Like a woman's high-heeled shoes, but the design architecture is more comfortable than woman’s high heeled shoes , wearing no discomfort.The invisible elevator shoes also look like an ordinary high-grade leather shoes, people do not see increased secret,and meanwhile make people 100% feel comfortable.Invisible elevator shoes on the overall design, using of human foot structure principle and the "physiological mechanics", using stealth increased design structure, with a special pressure-resistant, breathable material to make increased pad in the shoes , plus modest heightening , supplemented curves and flexible design to let people wear comfortable and safe, to overcome the discomfort of other ordinary elevator shoes and cumbersome shortcomings that are easy to be out of shape.And immediately 7 cm height increased, so show men emergent tall, upright demeanor.This type of elevator shoes definitely have effect, and once wear, effect immediately showed, but should pay attention to choose the right and suit shoes, for example,Chamaripa elevator shoes is very good choice, or else will be wearing very tired! dfxenv1vs

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